Monday, December 17, 2012

Find YOUR Place at Your College

Online registration for Spring 2013 Semester continues through Christmas Break

Online registration for the Spring 2013 semester at Midland College, is now underway ( CLICK HERE for a complete 2012/2013 MC Academic Calendar), and will continue through Christmas Break. Here are some handy links to help you find YOUR place at Your College.

 • 2013 Spring Course Schedule (Adobe .pdf file)
 • Interactive Course Schedule
 • "Ask MC" Assistance Form
 • Register on Campus Connect 

Registration for the Spring 2013 semester at MC ends Friday, January 11, with the first day of classes set for Monday, January 14.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Trim your tree with Your College

Hearing from Walter Waller, at the Midland College Bookstore ... "Hi. We have Christmas ornaments. Please see the attached picture. They are 5.99 each. Happy Holidays!"

Also, a note from Barbara Walter at the bookstore ... "We have new tee shirts in that will sell very fast. We wanted you to have first pick. These are unlike anything we've had before. Stop by today. These will make great gifts too! $16.49"

ON A RELATED NOTE ... The Midland College Bookstore will be one of the facilities on the main campus after the college itsel closes for the Christmas break.

The bookstore hours will be as follows:
Open December 17-21 and December 26-31 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed December 24-25 and January 1

The regular schedule will resume on January 2 which is 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

SRSU bachelor degrees in Education, Kinesiology available through Midland College

By Jo Lynn Jones
Title V Coop Activity Director
West Texas residents can now get a bachelor’s degree from Sul Ross State University (SRSU) without leaving the Midland College (MC) campus. Through the HITAP program (Hispanic Institutions Transfer Access Project), a four-year degree is now available in education and kinesiology. Students can be enrolled at both MC and SRSU simultaneously. The application fee for SRSU is waived!

Upper division Sul Ross courses are available at MC via interactive television and the Internet. Students benefit from the small classroom size, regular contact with SRSU professors and the MC campus HITAP transfer specialists. In addition, on-site advisors are available to assist students with schedule creation, the financial aid process and other issues that may occur. For more information regarding the education and kinesiology programs, contact Odell Missildine, HITAP transfer ppecialist, at (432) 685-6820,

The collaboration between Midland College and Sul Ross started in 2002 with the math & science initiative. Four-year SRSU degrees are also available in biology, geology and mathematics at MC. For more information regarding the Midland College/Sul Ross math/science initiative, contact Lady Jena Carey at (432) 685-6454,

The lower-priced freshman/sophomore classes at Midland College and the lower-priced upper division tuition at Sul Ross make it one of the best higher education values in the area. MC and SRSU also offer numerous grants and scholarships for program participants.

“We hope that by providing the opportunity for students to stay at MC and finish a four-year degree they are able to complete more hours with us,” stated MC Vice President of Instruction Dr. Rex Peebles. “This makes degree completion a reality for our students who cannot leave Midland due to family and job responsibilities.” Upper division education and kinesiology courses offered at Midland College during the spring 2013 semester include the following:

Spring 2013 Midland College/Sul Ross HITAP Course Offerings
Education Courses
ED 4314  Reading Skills for Content Subjects  TR 11:00-12:15
GEOG 3301  Geography of Texas  TR 8:00-9:15
ED 4315  Reading Diagnosis and Remediation  TR 12:30-1:45
ED 3308  Language Acquisition and Emergent Literacy  MW 12:30-1:45
On-Line Courses
ED 3302  Development and Learning Theory
Kinesiology Courses
PE 3305  Motor Development  TR 8:00-9:15
PE 3302  Theory and Practice of Basketball TR 11:00-12:15
PE 4301  Tests and Measurements  TR 12:30-1:45

To obtain additional information on the program, visit

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It can make a BIG difference! What's your credit score? Don't know? Find out at the Midland College Business & Economic Development Center. The BEDC will help you find your score, and help you improve it ... and it's FREE!

Midland College BEDC is a collaborative effort between Midland College and the City of Midland, Texas

The BEDC is located at the Midland College Cogdell Learning Center
201 W. Florida, Midland, Texas 79701
(432) 684-4309 /
(432) 684-4309 /

Winter Interim 2012 at Your College

By Rex Peebles
Vice President of Instruction

The college will close on Monday, December 17 at 5:00 p.m. for the Christmas break with the exception of the bookstore, general purpose computer lab, and the Fasken Learning Resource Center/Library (FLRC).

December 17 is the first day of classes for the Winter Interim 2012 semester at MC
January 2 is the last day to withdraw from classes
Final Exams are January 4

The Bookstore hours are as follows:
Open December 17-21 and December 26-31 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed December 24-25 and January 1

The regular schedule will resume on January 2 which is 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and Fridays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The General Purpose Computer Lab:
Normally located in the Fasken Learning Resource Center will be temporarily located in TC 149 during the break and its hours are as follows:

Open December 17-21, December 26-28 and January 2-4 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
On December 24 and December 31 it will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
It will be closed on December 25 and January 1.

The FLRC (Library) hours are as follows:
Open December 17 and January 2-4 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Open December 18-21 and 26-28 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Open December 24 and 31 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Closed December 25 and January 1

The front desk of the FLRC (685-4560) will serve as "Interim Headquarters".
Please note that the 2nd floor of the FLRC will be closed off due to it being carpeted during the break. This means that there will not be access to the 2nd floor employee copier.

MC security personnel will be available during the interim session and may be contacted at 685-4734.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making a hall a home

By Amy Chavez
MC Student Life

Good day, everyone, and happy holidays! Tis the season for giving, re-giving, and being thankful for what we've got.

With that in mind if you've got any of the following that you no longer have a need for, but don't want to simply throw-out, we here at the David E. Daniel Hall will make good use of it/them!

---- For the entertainment and enrichment of our residents:
 • Books (any genre, any subject)
 • VHS Movies
 • Games (board-games, card games, wooden-peg games, puzzles even!)
 • A microwave (ours went the way of Christmas-past last semester...)
 • Scarves and/or Blankets (to be given to those without)

---- For the Daniel Hall Green Beautification Project: (This project is a personal endeavor to enhance the Daniel Residence Hall by creatively utilizing reclaimed/recycled/donated items and materials to the end of producing a more welcoming and stylish Men's Hall that aptly represents our pursuit of excellence.)

 • Framed art (any style / color / image)
 • Synthetic plants (trees / topiaries excluding flower arrangements)
 • Paintings (any size or material)
 • Bookcases (any finish, please let me know the dimensions so I can ensure we have space for it)

Best holiday wishes to all of you from all of us here in the David E. Daniel Hall!

Amy ChavezStudent Life, Men's Hall Manager
Midland College
(432) 685-8791

Get ready ... get set ...

THERE ... It's 12:12 (CST) on 12/12/12 at Your College!

"Once-in-a-lifetime 12/12/12 date spawns mass weddings, superstitions"
By Holly Yan, CNN

From India to Las Vegas, superstitious lovebirds and numbers geeks are reveling in a once-in-a-lifetime event: the date 12/12/12. Sure, it might be just another set of numbers for some. But unlike the past 11 years, this will be the last such triple date for almost a century -- until January 1, 2101.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this story

Some openings still remain in Health Sciences CE at MC

By Patricia Currie
Secretary, MC Health Science CE Department

Extra, Extra ... read all about it! We still have spots available for our Certified Nurse's Aide program:
CNA   2/11/13 - 3/1/13
(program dates)  
CNA   3/18/13 - 4/9/13
CNA   4/22/13 - 5/10/13

We also have extra spots in our Phlebotomy class:
2/6/13 - 5/1/13, we  have 6 spots open

Don't forget our Pharmacy Tech class, where we we have 20 spots open:
3/4/13 - 4/29/13 

Thank you,

Patricia Currie
HSCE Secretary
(432) 681-6305

Health Sciences Continuing Education at Midland College is a multi-faceted program offering educational courses with clinical experiences for entry-level health careers such as certified nurses aide, phlebotomy, and other professional health careers such as certified massage therapy and so much more.

For more information, visit the MC-HSCE web page

Thursday, December 6, 2012

MCLASS conducting annual holiday gift drive

During this holiday season MCLASS (Midland College Latin American Student Society) will be donating Christmas presents to older children/young teens who are Casa de Amigos clients.

"MCLASS will be donating gifts for Christmas this year to Casa de Amigos. We would like your help in achieving this mission. We usually buy gifts for the younger children, but this year we would like to buy gifts for the older kids, who are sometimes forgotten," says Noemi Martinez, MCLASS President. "Some ideas though of would be gift cards for a movie or a restaurant for the boys, or nail polish, jewelry, or any other accessory for the girls. We will greatly appreciate anything!! Thank you for your help."

If you would like to participate in this special project, please consider donating a gift card (movie, restaurant, store) or cash. All donations can be given to club sponsor Isabel Jimenez, Room 131 Scharbauer Student Center,, 685-4284.

"They chose Casa de Amigos because they have donated to them in the past and because of the wonderful reputation they have for the work that they do in the community," says MCLASS Advisor Isabel Jimenez. "We know that the children that they choose will be children in need. On behalf of the MCLASS organization, I send a big thanks to those who have already contributed. Midland College has always been very generous in it's support!"

"So, as you are out and about preparing for your family's celebration, don't forget to get an extra gift card for the children from the Casa de Amigos neighborhood."

Donated items will be delivering the items collected on Wednesday, December 12th after 1:30 p.m.  If items are collected after that date, they will deliver them on Friday the 14th.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MC named co-development partner in state project

Midland College named one of nine community colleges to serve as co-development partners for state "Mathways Project"

By Rebecca Bell
Dean of Community Relations & Special Events

The Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC) and the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin announced the implementation of the New Mathways Project (NMP). Midland College (MC) is one of nine Texas community colleges that will develop the gateway courses that are critical to student completion.

In a press release dated May 9, the Charles A. Dana Center reported that high failure rates in mathematics developmental education courses prevent hundreds of thousands of students from progressing in their academic programs each year, contributing to a national crisis.
The NMP is a statewide approach to reforming mathematics developmental education in order to help students more quickly learn and earn college-level credits in rigorous mathematics. The NMP will enable students to succeed in the math needed for their majors and future careers. As the NMP is implemented across the state of Texas, the other 41 Texas community colleges will begin the implementation phase as either Active Learning or Capacity Building sites.

“Midland College is excited to be chosen as a co-development partner,” said MC President Dr. Steve Thomas. “This project will allow our incredible faculty an opportunity to be fully engaged in designing courses that will make learning math successful experiences.”

In addition to Midland College, other NMP co-development sites are

Northwest Vista College in San Antonio
Austin Community College
Brazosport College in Lake Jackson
El Paso Community College
Kilgore College
Kingwood College
South Texas College in McAllen
Temple College

Bill Holda, TACC chair and president of Kilgore College, said, “The 50 community colleges of TACC understand that developmental mathematics must be reformed, and NMP is the game-changer that will make a difference ensuring students are successful.”

Sweet Celebration at Chap Center

CLICK HERE for a photo album
By Forrest Allen
Midland College Athletic Director

Over the past 75 years NJCAA member institutions have witnessed the educational and athletic accomplishments of millions of its student-athletes. Looking at the rich history of, not only the NJCAA, but professional sports leagues and associations all across the globe as well as many professional occupations, you will see the names our former student-athletes. NJCAA athletes have found their way to the NFL, NBA, MLB, the Olympics, professional soccer, volleyball and many other such sports. Ours is a very proud legacy!

Midland College was founded in 1972 and joined the NJCAA in 1974. We are celebrating our 40th year of existence and concurrently our nearly forty years of membership in the Association.

On Tuesday, November 20th the Midland College men's and women's basketball teams played host to our friends from Ranger College in a double-header. Midland College priced game admission at 75-cents to commemorate the year long celebration of the NJCAA's founding. The college also and served free cake and cupcakes to the games attendees.

We are proud of our almost four decade association with the NJCAA and we join our fellow member institutions in celebrating 75 years of excellence and achievement!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's just a jump to the left, at Your College

It's just a jump to the left for students of the Music Department at Midland College, as the MC Chap Singers, the MC Orchestra and the MC Jazz Band perform the song 'Time Warp' by Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell and Charles Gray, from the rock musical and film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

For information on vocal and/or instrumental instruction at Midland College, please contact us at:
• (432) 685-4624

Be inspired! Be Heard! Be Midland College ... Your College!

Join us this "Holiday Evening at MC" !!!

Midland College, in partnership with the Midland Chamber of Commerce, cordially invites you to attend our annual Holiday Evening ... a sparkling of music, art and merriment, food and fellowship that has become a one of West Texas' favorite holiday celebrations. This year's celebration will be held Thursday, December 6, 2012, at the MC Main Campus (3600 N. Garfield, Midland, Texas), and will features something for everyone.

Come enjoy visits with Santa Claus, as well as complimentary baked goodies, hot chocolate and cider. We'll also be hosting a toy drive, and we hope you'll bring along a contribution and help fill Santa's Model T.

5:30 p.m. Frito Pie Fundraiser for MC Students in Philanthropy
$5 / bowl, begins at 5:30 p.m. in McCormick Gallery, Allison Fine Arts Building

5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Christmas at Dollye Neal Chapel
Enjoy accoustical music by guitarist Albert Madrid, in a candle-lit setting filled with holiday cheer. FREE admission.

6:30 p.m. Lighting of the Hodge Carillon Tower
With caroling by the Midland College Chap Singers. FREE admission.

6:45 p.m. Fall Student Art Show in McCormick Gallery
FREE admission.

Also, the 17th Annual Midland College Student Art Hallway Sale hosted by the Midland Art Guild will be held from 6:45 - 9:00 p.m., Thursday, December 6 and 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Friday, December 7. The art sale features paintings, watercolors, ceramics and photography – all of which make great Christmas presents. This is a great time to buy unique holiday gifts.

7:30 p.m. "Sounds of Christmas" Concert
MC Music Department student ensembles will perform in the Wagner & Brown Auditorium, Allison Fine Arts Building

During the celebration, a vintage Model T truck will be parked outside the Allison Fine Arts Building for anyone who wishes to donate a new unwrapped toy to the “Townsquare Cares” Toy Drive. The truck was donated to MC’s Automotive Technology program by Midlander Charles Priddy. Usually the truck is located at the MC Advanced Technology Center and is used for instructional purposes. However, at Thursday evening’s festivities the truck will be used as a collection receptacle for the toys.

For more information, contact Rebecca Bell, Dean of Community Relations & Special Events
(432) 685-4556

Friday, November 30, 2012

Food Drive: Testimonial

By Stephanie VanCuren
MC Student Activities Coordinator

Hey everyone!

Don't forget about the Student Government canned food drive benefitting the Memorial Christian Church Food Pantry! The drive will end December 7! Each building should have at least one box ... let's see who can bring in the most cans! And always, THANK YOU so much for participating in Student Activities!


For the past 10 years or so, I have been directly involved in the collection and delivery of canned food drives for this most worthy cause. In working in the stocking and distribution of the food to the needy at our food outlet, you see first-hand the extreme need for this type ministry. I never leave this weekly experience that I don't thank God for our blessings and pray for those who receive the food that are much less fortunate than us.

The last few weeks, we have averaged over 100 families. As the cost of living in the Permian Basin continues to rise those in the poverty level suffer the most, we see it first hand each week. We encourage everyone to bring food and to encourage students to do so as well. Some of our athletes and coaches annually help in pick up and delivery.

Thank you again.


Delnor Poss
MC Faculty, Chaparral Golf Coach

Fog on the MC Campus

A dark and fog-shrouded start to the day, here on the campus of Your College ... cool and damp, too. All I needed was the sound of a great hound baying, somewhere in the distance, to make me think I was bound for Baskerville Hall rather than my office.
CLICK HERE for a few more photos I took this morning

Thursday, November 29, 2012

MC Students In Philanthropy holding annual "Santa Letter" Fundraiser

Filling Children’s Hearts with the Sprit of Christmas!

The members of Midland College Students in Philanthropy will fill your child’s heart with the spirit of Christmas with a very special and personalized letter from Santa!  Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and others will enjoy receiving a letter from Santa as he tells them how very special they are!

Please fill out the attached "Santa Letter" form for each individual child and send your completed “Santa Letter” form, and $5 per letter donation to ...

Julia Vickery
239 SSC, Midland College
3600 N. Garfield, Midland, Texas 79705

... by December 4, 2012.

Please call Julia at (432) 685-4704, or e-mail her at if you need additional information!

The Students in Philanthropy program is sponsored by funding partners, Abell-Hanger Foundation and Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust.  A key goal of SIP is to raise funds and then re-distribute them to deserving non-profit organizations in Midland.  The students learn about “sharing and caring” for others by personally creating each “Santa Letter” for your loved ones. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MC-SGA kicks-off annual holiday food drive

By Stephanie VanCuren
MC Student Activities Coordinator

Hey everyone!

Student Government is hosting the annual canned food drive benefitting the Memorial Christian Church Food Pantry! You can find some boxes already located around campus, and more boxes will be coming.

Let's see who can bring in the most cans!

And always, THANK YOU so much for participating in Student Activities!

#GivingTuesday throughout the year at Your College

Today seems like an especially good day to offer a shout-out to two Midland College student organizations with years of experience in 'giving back' to the community through contributions of service and money.

"We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. This year help create #GivingTuesday, the giving season’s opening day," writes "On Tuesday November 27, 2012 charities, families, businesses and individuals are coming together to transform the way people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season."

"It’s a simple idea. Find a way for your family, your community, your company or your organization to join in acts of giving. Tell everyone you can about what you are doing and why it matters. Join a national celebration of our great tradition of generosity, and together we’ll create ways to give more, give better and give smarter."

I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize two of our student groups that [practice #GivingTuesday throughout the year ...

The Legacy Scholarship Program is a collaborative funding partnership between the Abell-Hanger Foundation, the Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust, the Chaparral Foundation, and The Clarence Scharbauer Foundation that creates educational opportunities at Midland College for high school graduates in Midland County. A key eligibility requirement for the Legacy Scholarship includes the students' performance of forty (40) hours of community service per academic year at an approved Legacy Volunteer Service Agency listed on the Midland College website. The student applicant must meet all scholarship guidelines and requirements for Legacy Scholarship consideration. (click on the highlighted text for more info)

The Midland College Students In Philanthropy Club (SIP) is an in-depth leadership training program which provides student members the opportunity to improve the quality of life in their community. Students learn about the importance of philanthropy and the role of nonprofit organizations in the community. Through the fundraising and grant-making process, students not only make needed contributions to nonprofit organizations, but also gain leadership and stewardship training through a structured program designed to educate, support and promote philanthropic leadership in the community. (click on the highlighted text for more info)

Monday, November 26, 2012

ADVISORY: Subscription Scam

Sharing an ADVISORY/WARNING from faculty member Robert Templeton, Allison Chair of Journalism at MC ...

"All Midland College patrons ... Please be aware of a scam involving a young man going by the name 'Kody' who has been selling magazine subscriptions as a fundraiser for the Midland College Journalism program. Our journalism students are NOT doing any such fundraiser at this time. One person has already been scammed out of $98 about six weeks ago according to a report turned into our department."

"Please avoid giving out any money, and please report such activity to our department to either: Karen Lanier or Bob Templeton by phone or email. We are sorry for any such misrepresentation in the college's name. Your cooperation is appreciated."

Bob Templeton

 Karen Lanier

Friday, November 23, 2012

MC presents Aurora Wynne, "Se Florindo e fedele"

The Midland College Department of Music presents Aurora Wynne in a performance of Domenico Scarlatti's "Se Florindo e fedele."

For information on vocal and/or instrumental instruction at Midland College, please contact us:
• (432) 685-4624

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Taking a break, and giving thanks

All Midland College campuses will be closed Thursday through Sunday, November 22-25, for Thanksgiving break. Offices re-open and classes resume Monday morning, November 26. From our family to yours ... have a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

MC Baseball Sees Six Standouts Sign with NCAA Division I

By Forrest Allen
Midland College Athletic Director

MC coach David Coleman had much to smile about when on Tuesday afternoon, six members of the current Midland College Chaparral baseball team signed with NCAA Division I Universities. The signees included Jake (L-R) Jake Bateman (RHP) Dallas, TX; Jared Robinson (RHP) Lubbock, TX; Matt Reyes (2B) Midland, TX (MHS); Hunter Redman (C) Midland, TX (MCHS); Jeremy Filipek (RHP) Langley, BC, Canada and Joel Atkinson (SS) San Clemente, California.

Bateman has signed with Texas Tech (Big 12 Conference) along with his battery mate Redman. Reyes will be attending the University of New Mexico (Mountain West Conference), while Robinson will take his talents to the University of Houston (Conference USA). Jeremy Filipek inked with University of Texas at San Antonio (Western Athletic Conference) and Atkinson will move his smooth play to Louisiana and Northwestern State University (Southland Conference).

Each of the signees played for MC in the 2012 season, the exception being Redman who played at the University of Texas at Austin last season. This season this strong core of sophomores are expected to lead the Chaps through the WJCAC gauntlet and into the post season. Midland College narrowly missed out on the post season last year and posted a 33-23 record, including going 18-14 in conference.

Standing (L-R): Robinson, Coach David Coleman, Reyes, Filipek. Seated (L-R): Bateman, Atkinson, Redman

First Generation to College (FGTC) Testimonials: Michael Chavez

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Add this to your holiday 'things-to-do' list ...

There's still time - though not much! - for YOU to reserve your FREE table at this event ...
Wednesday, November 28, 2012
10:00 am until 12:00 pm
MC Cogdell Learning Center, 201 W. Florida, Midland, Texas, USA
FREE to the public!

Midland College Business & Economic Development Center (BEDC) presents a Small Business Expo, Wednesday, November 28, from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon at the MC Cogdell Learning Center, 201 W. Florida, in Midland.

Event activities will include holiday shopping!

Call the Midland College BEDC at (432) 684-4309 to reserve a free table

Preparations for a busy night at Chap Center

A crew from KWES-TV was at MC's Cosmetology Department, talking to director Micheal Fields about their fundraising project TONIGHT ... The cosmetology students will be giving hair cuts and manicures at the basketball games, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm. They will be taking donations to benefit the victims of last week's fatal truck/train crash in Midland during the Show of Support veterans parade.

Midland College celebrates NJCAA 75th Anniversary!

Midland College celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) during an Mc Basketball double-header, Tuesday, November 20, 2012, at Al G. Langford Chaparral Center.

In commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the NJCAA, all general admission tickets will be 75 cents, and there will free cake and cupcakes while they last.

All games are free to students and employees with a current Midland College ID card.

Added Bonus: MC cosmetology students will be giving hair cuts and manicures at the basketball games, from 5:30 to 8:30. They will be taking donations to benefit the victims of last week's fatal truck/train crash lin Midland during the Show of Support veterans parade.

Midland College Basketball (double-header)
@ 5:30 p.m. Ranger College Lady Rangers (0-6) @ # 20 Midland College Lady Chaps (5-3)
@ 7:30 p.m. Ranger College Rangers (1-4) @ #16 Midland College Chaparrals (5-1)

Go Lady Chaps and Go Chaparrals!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

MC presents the Midland College orchestra, "Romance"

The Midland College Department of Music presents the Midland College Orchestra in a performance of Ralph Ford's "Romance."

For information on vocal and/or instrumental instruction at Midland College, please contact us:
• (432) 685-4624

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cvoric, Smith bid adieu to Chap Center fans

CLICK HERE to enjoy a photo album
By Forrest Allen
Midland College Athletic Director

Just prior to their final-ever appearance at the Chaparral Center, MC sophomore volleyball players, Dragana Cvoric and Victoria Smith, fought the emotion of the day by locking into the task at hand. That task was to finish the regular season with a win versus New Mexico Military Institute. The Midland College Lady Chaparral volleyball team entered the contest with 21-wins including going 8-1 in the WJCAC and winning the conference title for the third consecutive season. When the match concluded, Midland College chalked up their 22nd win of the season against six losses and a final WJCAC record 9-1.

The afternoon's activities began with an introduction of the two departing second year players. Cvoric, a 6'0" outside hitter from Guca, Serbia was clearly moved when the Serbian National Anthem was played as she draped her country's flag over her shoulders and back. Gaga, as she is affectionately called by her teammates, recorded 126 total kills (team leader) and 99 digs (team leader) during the 2012 conference schedule. Cvoric was also the 2011 MVP of the Western Conference.

The always stoic Smith, a 6'1" rightside hitter from Odessa, recorded 59 kills and 16 blocks in conference this season. Combined Cvoric and Smith recorded a two-year record of 39-19 overall and 18-2 in the WJCAC. The records include winning consecutive conference titles and advancing to the 2011 NJCAA Region V West finals.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Generation to College (FGTC) Testimonials: Kishti Kamaka

MC’s baccalaureate degree . . . the road to success

By Rebecca Bell
Dean of Community Relations & Special Events

Rudy Ybarra is a hard-working family man who knows that education paves the way to career success and financial stability. The 37-year-old Andrews, Texas, native has been steadily pursuing training and higher education since he graduated from high school in 1993.

“After high school, I attended Odessa College for about a year and then I joined the Marine Corps,” explained Ybarra. “During the 4 years that I was in the Marine Corps, I began my career in information technology and was stationed in various locations working as a small computer systems specialist. When I left the Marines, I started working for a travel agency and then for a Fort Worth consulting firm that did contract work for Pioneer Natural Resources.”

Pioneer liked the work that Ybarra did and soon hired him as one of their own employees. Thirteen years later, Ybarra has held several information technology positions for Pioneer, both at their corporate headquarters in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and also in Midland. He has steadily climbed the career ladder and is now working in Midland as an Instrumentational Electronics Technician for Pioneer.

Ybarra credits one of the reasons for his career success to the fact that he has continued to take classes at Midland College (MC). In 2002, he graduated with an associate degree in information technology/networking. However, he didn’t stop there. In August 2012, Ybarra enrolled in MC’s upper-level organizational management program.

MC is one of only three community colleges in Texas that offer a baccalaureate degree. Ybarra is a prime example of why MC petitioned the state legislature to offer a bachelor of applied technology degree.

MC Special Advisor to the President Dr. Deana Savage, who administered the program for several years, said, “We saw a need for Midlanders to have an opportunity to receive baccalaureate degrees in the applied technology area. There are a great many people who receive MC associate degrees in career/technology fields and then obtain successful careers. However, we were hearing that in order to progress into management positions, they needed bachelor degrees. So, we have tailored our organizational management program for these people—West Texans who have an associate degree and are currently working as technicians. Most of them are like Rudy, older than traditional college age and have been successfully employed for several years.”

“I have applied for several managerial positions at Pioneer,” stated Ybarra. “While I’ve been told that I have the experience, I’ve haven’t been promoted because I don’t have a bachelor’s degree. I’ve realized that my career progression is at a standstill until I get that degree. Even though right now, the oil & gas industry is booming, I want to make sure that I have something to fall back on if the industry declines. With a bachelor’s degree in organizational management, I will have more career options available.”

Ybarra, who works 40+ hours per week said that MC’s baccalaureate program is flexible because classes are held at noon or in the evening and most of them are hybrid, which means that traditional classroom instruction is supplemented with online instruction.

“The courses are definitely challenging,” said Ybarra. “There’s a lot more critical thinking involved in these upper-level classes than in associate-level classes. It’s amazing how much I’ve already learned that can be applied to managerial and supervisory situations in my current job. The program is helping me gain crucial management skills.”

MC Associate Professor of Speech Katherine Allen said, “Rudy is a joy to have in class, always enthusiastic and excited about learning. He works hard and often finds ideas that can benefit his organization.”

“I’m glad that I am able to pursue this degree,” explained Ybarra. “I received my first degree from MC, and the skills I acquired definitely enabled me to further my career in information technology. Life is good—I have a great family (Ybarra is married and has three children); I’m employed by a wonderful company; and I’m taking classes from terrific instructors who really care about students and love their jobs. Midland College hasn’t let me down so far. I have faith in this school.”

MC Veterans Recognition Ceremony

CLICK HERE to enjoy a photo album
This past Thursday, MC hosted a Veterans Recognition Ceremony in the Club Room of the Dorothy and Clarence Scharbauer, Jr. Student Center at Midland College The event recognized MC students, faculty and staff who served in the military, and honored their service, patriotism, committment, and dedication. Participantsl shared stories and enjoyed fellowship, cake and refreshments.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bill Williams will be remembered by MC family

The following, composed by MC Athletic Director Forrest Allen, appeared in the Saturday, November 10, 2012 issue of the Midland Reporter-Telegram . You may read Mr. Williams' complete obituary HERE.

By Forrest Allen
Midland College Athletic Director

A few days ago I attended the funeral of Mr. Bill Warren Williams. Mr. Williams, and his family, are known as successful business leaders in Midland, and throughout Texas. More important than that, Mr. Williams, a native son of Hillsboro, gave tremendously to our community.

When the Midland College basketball team was in its infancy, Mr. and Mrs. Williams (Ms. Peggy) and their family threw their support behind us in both words and deeds.

They traversed countless miles across this country following the Midland College basketball team. Needless to say there were many others just like the Williams family who attended games, gave donations, cooked meals and traveled to support our teams. The support of the Williams and others provided the foundation for what has become one of the most highly regarded athletic departments in the country.

It's not a rare event when I travel somewhere, either in-state or outside the state, wearing a Midland College shirt or cap, only to have someone stop me and share a story about some ex-golfer, baseball player, tennis player or basketball athlete who donned the green and gold of the Chaparrals. And whenever that happens, I think about people like the Williams family and their contributions to that success.

In this area we're just a local community college that has "good teams." But across the United States, Midland College is something other two-year colleges aspire to. It's evidenced in the calls I get from athletic department administrators all over who ask what process we used to hire a coach, how we tackle fundraising, how we market our teams; otherwise how to be as universally successful as Midland College. That success wouldn't be nearly as great without the significant contributions of a generous community and individuals like Peggy and Bill Williams.

The past several years we've witnessed the passing of so many of our most ardent supporters; not simply in terms of individual losses, but in terms of their input and enthusiasm for our teams. The loss of Mr. Williams is a pall that will shroud us for many years to come and in areas both seen and unseen.

The Williams family didn't let their love and support for MC end two weeks ago. They made manifest as one of his final wishes, which was for his friends to contribute to the Midland College Athletic Department and the Chaparral Athletic Club. The gifts began coming in within a day of his passing and continue as of the writing of this letter. What a man and what a giving family!

Today we pray for the Williams family (Ms. Peggy, Billy and Kelly, and Julie) including their four grandchildren and their great grandson. Know that your father will always be considered a legendary part of our past and our future. We have been incredibly blessed that he chose to come our way.

Nothing can ever replace what you have lost; we share your grief and remember your husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather as a man who placed God, family and community at the top of everything he accomplished.

On behalf of the staff of Midland College, the Midland College Athletic Department and every former Chap and Lady Chap athlete, we thank you for everything you have done and are still doing today.

'Forever and forever farewell, Bill.
If we do meet again, we'll smile indeed.
If not, 'tis true this parting was well made.'
-- adapted from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: Act 5, Scene 1, Page 6

It has been recommended that donations in Mr. Williams' memory may be made to the Midland College Chaparral Athletic Club 3600 N Garfield ST Midland, TX 79705

MCPD Chief Richard McKee on Campus Safety

Recently there has been local news media coverage concerning threats made against local law enforcement officers and their families. This has created a heightened since or awareness among the community. As a result, the Midland College Police Department would like this opportunity to remind the MC community to take necessary safety precautions such as:

Be aware of your surroundings
• Report suspicious behavior or activity immediately to MCPD 685-4734
• Provide a detailed description to law enforcement
• Never approach or confront a suspicious individual
This is an on going investigation and at this time there is no specific threat against Midland College.

The Midland College Police Department will provide safety escorts upon request by calling 685-4734.

Richard McKee, Chief of Police
Midland College Police Department

Bracket announced for Midland College WNIT

Midland College Women's National Invitational Tournament
Al G. Langford Chaparral Center

Midland College, Midland, Texas
November 15th, 16th, 17th, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012
@2:00 p.m. #4 Trinity Valley CC (TX) vs. College of Southern Idaho
@4:00 p.m. Angelina College (TX) vs. #2 Central Arizona College
@6:00 p.m. Odessa College vs. #9 Northern Oklahoma College - Enid
@8:00 p.m. #20 Midland College vs. Cloud County CC (KS)

Friday, November 16th
Bracket Play @ 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, November 17th
Bracket Play @ 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. (Championship

Tournament Bracket at

Forrest L. Allen, Midland College Athletics
Office: 432-685-6436

Friday, November 9, 2012

MC presents Sarah Thomas, "Sebben, crudele"

The Midland College Department of Music presents soprano Sarah Thomas in a performance of Antonio Caldara's "Sebben, crudele."

For information on vocal and/or instrumental instruction at Midland College, please contact us:
• (432) 685-4624

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MC students participate in Frontier Living History conference

CLICK HERE to enjoy a photo album
Midland College cosmetology and photography students will had a chance to use their skills in a unique way. The students and their instructors assisted the Frontier Women’s Living History Association (FWLHA) during their one-day conference entitled “Hat, Hair and How.”

Ethel Matthews, one of the conference organizers, explained, “The FWLHA is a great resource for re-enactors of the Civil War through the 1870s. Participants study the life-style of those times. This particular conference is devoted to 19th-century hairstyles, and we are thrilled that MC Cosmetology Program Director Michael Fields and his students volunteered to help show us how we can transform our modern-day hairstyles into those worn in the mid to late 1800s. After the hairstyles are designed, MC Photography Professor Kent Moss and his students take photographs of our ‘frontier ladies’ in their period costumes modeling their new hairstyles.”

The conference also included a presentation by Steven Porterfield from the Cat’s Meow,discussing vintage clothing. Ann Dixon, who also is serving as a conference organizer, said that the conference included participants from not only the Midland/Odessa area, but also San Angelo, Abilene, Fort Davis, Albuquerque and Alamogordo.

Lady Chaparral Volleyball Ends Season in Regional Finals

CLICK HERE to enjoy a photo album from the tournament
By Forrest Allen
Midland College Athletic Director

After claiming their third straight WJCAC title, the Midland College Lady Chaparral volleyball teamnd coaches fixed their eyes on winning the Region V West championship for the first time since 2010. A regional title would advance MC to the 2012 NJCAA Division I Volleyball Championships in West Plains, MO (November 15-17). Winning regional title is always a daunting task, considering it is a de facto WJCAC tournament. This season the tournament field included all six conference teams instead of the top four finishers. It also was played in a neutral location, Lubbock for the first time.

By winning the conference championship Midland College, along with runner-up Western Texas College, earned first round byes and would only need to win two matches on Thursday to take the Region V West championship. In first round action on Wednesday, October 1 @ 6:00 p.m. #4 seeded New Mexico Military Institute took on #5 seed Frank Phillips College, with NMMI winning the match to advance. @ 8:00 p.m. #3 Odessa College squared off against #6 seed Clarendon College. Clarendon College was the eventual winner of that match-up. The losses ended the seasons of FPC (12-22) and OC (18-14).

Thursday's semifinals matches included a @10:00 a.m. match featuring #1 seeded MC Lady Chaps versus the #4 seed NMMI Broncos. Midland twice defeated NMMI twice previously in 2012, winning at Roswell three sets to two and in Midland three sets to none. In the @12:00 p.m. match #2 seed Western Texas College Lady Westerners took on #6 seeded Clarendon College Lady Bulldogs. WTC also defeated CC twice during conference play winning 3-1 and 3-0. Midland College successfully defeated NMMI 3-1 to advance into the finals against WTC who defeated CC 3-1.

The 4:00 p.m. finals lived up to its promise with the Lady Westerners and the Lady Chaps going toe-to-toe in a thriller of a five-set match. The Lady Westerners successfully suppressed the national tournament ambitions of MC, winning 3-2 to repeat as regional champions. In their two previous meetings during the regular season, Midland defeated WTC 3-2 in both matches.

Western Texas used a much more aggressive offensive attack to take sets one and two. Midland College responded like the champions they are, due in large part to a rousing speech by head coach Tammie Jimenez, winning the third and fourth sets and forcing a fifth and final game. WTC jumped out early in the fifth and eventually won the match with a final score of 15-8 to secure the regional title.

Midland College ends their season with an overall record of 23-7 and with only two sophomores on this year's team, the future looks bright for the Lady Chaps and coaches Jimenez and assistant Darren Taylor. The two departing sophomores are Dragana Cvoric (Guca, Serbia) and Victoria Smith (Odessa, TX) both of whom contributed to back-to-back WJCAC titles and consecutive NJCAA Region V West finals appearances

MC Student Support Services — making dreams become reality

By Rebecca Bell
Dean of Community Relations & Special Events

“When I graduated from Stanton High School, I knew I had to go to college in order to get ahead in life. I was determined not to fail, but college was a real ‘eye-opener’ for me,” said 21-year-old Vincent Villa.

Villa didn’t fail — in fact, he successfully graduated from Midland College in May 2012 and is now majoring in Biology through the Midland College/Sul Ross State University Science Initiative. However, his achievements have not come without struggle. The 2009 Stanton High graduate credits a great deal of his accomplishments to the help he received through Midland College’s Student Support Services (SSS), a federally funded program to help low-income Americans succeed in college.

Villa explained, “When I graduated from high school, I knew I needed to go to college. So during the summer of 2009 I attended freshman orientation at Midland College. I didn’t know what to expect in college. Neither of my parents attended college, but they insisted that I go. During freshman orientation, I met Student Support Services Advisor Isabel Jimenez, and she told me about the services offered by SSS. The program was definitely a lifesaver for me. Ms. Jimenez helped me register for classes. Then, once I was enrolled, the program offered study skills seminars and tutors. I knew I wanted to learn, but I just didn’t know how to go about doing it.”

Villa said he also had no idea about a major. That soon changed when he took his first biology course at Midland College.

“I love science, especially biology,” said Villa. “During my years at MC, I took as much biology as possible. I started with General Biology I and II and then took Microbiology and finally Anatomy and Physiology. Now, I know that I want to be a medical doctor—a general practitioner.”

Villa, who still lives in Stanton, grew up in a small three-bedroom home and said that at any one time there would be five to eight family members living in the house.

His humble background is one reason for Villa’s choice of profession: “My family wasn’t rich by any means, and I saw a great many other poor people who couldn’t afford healthcare. I want to help those people. In fact, after I receive my medical degree, I plan to practice medicine in Stanton. I love the town and the people, even the old soreheads!”

With determination and self-confidence, there is no doubt that Villa will achieve his goal of becoming a doctor. While at MC, Villa was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, which means that he had to maintain a grade point average of 3.5. Because he is currently taking Sul Ross State University classes on the MC campus, he is able to continue to participate in campus life. He currently is Parliamentarian of the MC Student Government Association and also serves as Parliamentarian of the Regional Student Government Association. In addition, Villa still maintains strong ties with MC’s Student Support Services program working 10-15 hours per week tutoring current SSS students in science courses.

“The SSS program helped me achieve my dream of being the first in my family to graduate from college, and I want to show others how it can help them succeed,” explained Villa. “It takes determination and hard work, but with support from programs like SSS, dreams can become reality.”