Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making a hall a home

By Amy Chavez
MC Student Life

Good day, everyone, and happy holidays! Tis the season for giving, re-giving, and being thankful for what we've got.

With that in mind if you've got any of the following that you no longer have a need for, but don't want to simply throw-out, we here at the David E. Daniel Hall will make good use of it/them!

---- For the entertainment and enrichment of our residents:
 • Books (any genre, any subject)
 • VHS Movies
 • Games (board-games, card games, wooden-peg games, puzzles even!)
 • A microwave (ours went the way of Christmas-past last semester...)
 • Scarves and/or Blankets (to be given to those without)

---- For the Daniel Hall Green Beautification Project: (This project is a personal endeavor to enhance the Daniel Residence Hall by creatively utilizing reclaimed/recycled/donated items and materials to the end of producing a more welcoming and stylish Men's Hall that aptly represents our pursuit of excellence.)

 • Framed art (any style / color / image)
 • Synthetic plants (trees / topiaries excluding flower arrangements)
 • Paintings (any size or material)
 • Bookcases (any finish, please let me know the dimensions so I can ensure we have space for it)

Best holiday wishes to all of you from all of us here in the David E. Daniel Hall!

Amy ChavezStudent Life, Men's Hall Manager
Midland College
(432) 685-8791

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