Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This a good reason why we work in education and in athletics

By Forrest Allen
Midland College Athletic Director

MRT Photo by Cindeka Nealy
Dwayne Davis played for Midland College in the 2010-11 season and completed his intercollegiate basketball career at the University of Southern Mississippi.  He earned a degree from Midland College (2011) and his bachelor's from Southern Mississippi (2013). 

I defy anyone who reads this to compare their background to that of Davis.  This kid defied incredible odds and has a real chance at life.  Student-athletes by and large are not honor students, but over 65% of our student-athletes earn their Associate degrees in their time at Midland College.  Here's one more example of something we did right. 

I'm proud of what we do here at Midland College because we take chances on kids.  Sometimes it works out and there are times when our risks don't turn out well.  What most people don't know is more often than not, the student-athletes we work with, turn out to be productive people in society.

Homeless as a teen, draft prospect Dwayne Davis may soon find home in NBA

By Jeff Eisenberg
The Dagger
Yahoo Sports Blog

On the day his mother died from complications of lupus almost a decade ago, Dwayne Davis remembers coming home from school to find the living room full of the same flowers and balloons that once surrounded her hospital bed.

At first, Davis was elated because he assumed doctors had finally allowed Lawanda Smallwood to return home. Only after a tearful conversation with his step-dad did the 13-year-old discover the tragic truth.

read the rest of Eisenberg's story 

AP Photo from The Dagger

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