Monday, October 21, 2013

Callon Petroleum receives Hanson/MC Environmental Excellence award

Pictured on back row from left to right are Arlen Edgar, Doc Weathers, Fred Callon, and Gil Van Deventer. Pictured on front row from left to right are Gretchen Bakke, Hoxie Smith Mella McEwen, Ben Shepperd and Richard Brantley
It has only been a few years that Natchez, Mississippi-based Callon Petroleum has had a presence in the Permian Basin. However, before installing an oil and gas facility in its Pecan Acres 23 field inside Midland city limits, Callon sought the input of neighboring residents.

In a Sunday, October 13, article in the Midland Reporter Telegram, Mella McEwen reported that Callon’s outreach and the resulting changes to make the facility safer drew the appreciation of residents and city officials. It also earned Callon the 2013 Bruno Hanson/Midland College Environmental Excellence Award.

The late Bruno Hanson was a pioneer in successfully developing environmentally friendly procedures for the energy industry. Periodically the Midland College Petroleum Professional Development Center, under the direction of Hoxie Smith, works closely with community leaders to identify superior environmental practices in the oil and gas industry. This year’s award was presented to Callon by Smith and Hanson’s daughter Gretchen Bakke at the October 14 Hearst Energy Awards reception.

Smith said, “The nominating committee searched diligently for a company that displayed strong environmental stewardship while conducting oil and gas operations in the Permian Basin. Callon’s Pecan Acres 23 Project demonstrates the company’s commitment to sound environmental standards. In addition to ensuring that no homes or part-time dwellings were within 500 feet of any well or tank battery facility, Callon also implemented a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan—even though one was not required by the Environmental Protection Agency. They designed their facilities and employed specialized equipment at the site to minimize environmental impact if an upset should occur. Callon communicated with city officials on a regular basis while constructing the site, and the company has a strong plan in place for monitoring and training their employees on environmental risks.”

Members of the nominating committee included Richard Brantley, Arlen Edgar, Gil Van Deventer, Mella McEwen, Ben Shepperd and Doc Weathers.


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    1. Sathaym, that's good ... prospects and opportunities to continue to grow here, in the Permian Basin of west Texas and southeast New Mexico.