Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MC Spirit Squad 'bottle cap collection' WILL continue through December

Follow-Up from Ty Soliz ... "I have received several emails about the Water Bottle Cap collecting being a hoax, so I asked the family to look into it and make sure this was something that would help because of all the collecting that we have done here on campus. The clinic that she will be receiving her treatments from has a legitimate program for the water bottle caps. They did not give any details about why or their use, but it is something that will help her with the Chemo treatments. We will continue collecting them through December. Due to her health and size, she will not begin treatments until January. Right now the doctors are trying to get her weight up and her body healthy to make sure she can withstand the treatments. Thank you for collecting and for your concern. Ty"

From Ty Soliz
MC Intramural Sports, and Health & Wellness Coordinator

The Spirit Squad has been practicing at Legacy Elite Gym for the past four years, and this summer one of the athletes in a different class was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is only 11 years old and her parents are stressed about finances and the all the other burdens that come with this.

The doctors have a program that allows her to receive a free round of Chemotherapy for every 500 water bottle caps that she collects. As part of our extended Cheer family, we, the Spirit Squad will be collecting water bottle caps for her to help ease some of the financial stress from her parents.

To answer some questions that I have received ...

 • It is only water bottle caps not soda caps
 • They are the caps that are on the smaller bottles, not the gallon caps or larger
 • It does not matter the brand of water or the lid color as long as they are water caps

Please help us help her by collecting water bottle caps and just placing them in a bag or whatever, and when you have collected several, let me know and I will come around campus and pick them up. You never know, she may be a future student, athlete or Spirit Squad member, so lets reach out and help.

Thank You,


(432) 685-6467

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