Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Midland College now using reclaimed water for irrigation

In its ongoing efforts to be environmentally conscious, Midland College is now pumping approximately 150,000 - 200,000 gallons of reclaimed (non-potable) water per day for irrigation purposes on its 220+ acres. The water is delivered from the City of Midland’s new reclamation plant in Windlands Park.

MC Vice President of Information Technology & Facilities said, “We are irrigating daily using only reclaimed water. During the past two years, when the Permian Basin has been suffering the effects of an extreme drought, we have adhered to the City of Midland’s water restriction policies. Our main goal during this time has been to protect the precious trees and not worry about the grass. Now, because of the cool start of summer, the recent rains and a week’s worth of steady irrigation using the reclaimed water, the campus is turning green once again and the trees are looking healthy.”

Sever explained that it may take a year or two to get rid of the excessive weeds that have infested the campus lawn, and he encourages those who use the campus for jogging, walking and biking to stay on the sidewalks and roads during this time.

The joint project between MC and the City of Midland to build a reclaimed water plant has been in the works for several years, and Midland College thanks the City for their cooperation in helping to further MC’s goals of being an environmentally sound campus.

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