Monday, November 14, 2016

Language Hub: Events and End-of-Semester Hours

From Stacy Egan
English Faculty

I hope everyone is having a good Monday. I wanted to check in with some reminders from the The Language Hub at Midland College for the weeks ahead.

1. The Language Hub Online is open enrollment. It's a great resource for students and instructors alike. To enroll on Canvas click "Courses," "All Courses," "Browse More Courses" and click "Join this course" when you see Language Hub Online.

2. Due to accommodating testing needs, tutoring services have some upcoming room changes and closure hours. If the room is changed, there will always be a note on the door for students, but you may want to post the attached notice in your classroom or on your office door. Please note: the Language Hub is CLOSED for tutoring Wednesday, November 23rd.

3. The last event of this semester is Late Night at the Language Hub on Tuesday, November 29th. The Hub will be open for tutoring until 10:00 PM, and we will serve free pizza.

4. The last day the Language Hub will be open is Monday, December 12th; we will close at 5:00 PM instead of 8:00 PM on that day.

We look forward to helping students with their end-of-semester writing assignments!

The The Language Hub at Midland College is the school's reading and writing center, where you can get help with any paper that you write for any class. You can also work on computer-based interactive tutorials in reading and writing. The Hub staff look forward to meeting students this week, and to working with them throughout this semester.

For more information, contact:

Stacy Egan
(432) 685-6700 

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