Tuesday, November 8, 2016

MC announces Legacy Scholarship essay contest winners

"The amazing volunteer opportunities that life has to offer"

By Rebecca Bell
Dean of Community Relations & Special Events

Community service is the basis for the Legacy Scholarship essay contest, sponsored by the AbellHanger Foundation. The purpose of the contest is to honor students’ community service and to let the students tell their stories of how that service has enriched their lives. Any Midland College (MC) student who is currently attending MC on the Legacy Scholarship may write an essay about his/her required community service—an integral component of the Legacy Scholarship award. The Legacy Scholarship is generously provided to Midland County students by the Scharbauer Foundation, Abell-Hanger Foundation, Chaparral Foundation and Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust.

During the fall 2016 semester, five Midland College (MC) students received an additional scholarship stipend for essays written about their community service. Award recipients are Jena Burkhart, Landon Garnett, Mike Jacquez, Jack Smith and Katherine Whiteman. In addition to the standard Legacy Scholarship of $2,100 per year, Abell-Hanger Foundation awards an additional $500 to each of these students. The fall 2016 semester winners, along with the spring 2017 semester essay contest winners, will be honored at a luncheon in the spring. The students’ essays focused on how volunteering changed their lives and how the Legacy Scholarship enabled them to begin their collegiate experience. In many cases, the students’ volunteer experiences have led to discovery of career goals.

Essay winner Landon Garnett volunteered at Opportunity Camp; he wrote the following in his essay: “I’m glad I took the opportunity to volunteer because it really did make me feel good to help others. It also made me realize I may enjoy a career in healthcare where I can serve and care for people. Life moves pretty quickly, but I hope the busyness of my own affairs will never keep me from showing kindness and compassion to others”

In her essay about volunteering at Midland Memorial Hospital, Jena Burkhart wrote, “Forty plus hours of community service later, I have come to fall in love with the amazing volunteer opportunities that life has to offer. I have completed all of my hours; yet, I still find myself going back to the hospital to continue volunteering. Volunteering made me realize that people deserve more respect than they get because people do amazing things whether it is for themselves or to service others.”

The winning essays can be found at www.midland.edu/legacyessays

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