Friday, April 7, 2017

Invitation to join International Food & Craft Fair at MC

The International Student Club at Midland College will be hosting an International Food & Craft Fair on Thursday, April 20th, from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in MC's Beal Plaza.

To make this event worthwhile we need your help. Clubs/organizations/departments/programs are invited to Represent a Country by setting-up a booth, and offering food and or crafts from that country for sale to students and the public and decorating in the colors/theme of that country.

Some Key points about the event:

There will be a $15 booth fee
Clubs/Organizations should choose a country from the list below to represent. They will prepare food and/or crafts from that country to sell to the public
The booth fee will include a poster board to participate in a poster contest
Contest: Booths will design a poster featuring the name of their organization and the respective country name. It should represent the country the group chose, and the organization hosting the booth using images, colors and icons from their represented country. Can also include information about the country, food/crafts being served, etc.
$5 from each booth fee we collect, will go into a pot. Winner of the contest will receive the pot.
Tickets will be sold at the entrance by International Student Club for $0.50 per ticket and be used to purchase food/crafts at each booth.
Booths are encouraged to sell food for 1 ticket ($0.50) for a standard plastic spoon sized sample, and 4 tickets ($2.00) for a 7” appetizer plate sized sample. Other sizes and crafts can be priced at the club/organization's discretion.
Crafts can be pre-made by the club/organization for purchase or can be interactive and made at the Fair.
MC students, with a student ID can receive 6 free tickets (of a different color) to use as they wish.

Please Choose a country from the below list, fill out the attached form and return it to me by Tuesday, April 18th.

The Bahamas
The Czech Republic
New Zealand
Nigeria (Will be represented by International Student Club)
Saint Lucia
South Africa
United Kingdom

For more information, contact:

Bonnie Magers
Graduation Specialist and International Student Club Advisor
(432) 685-4707

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