Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kids' College 2017 - Thank You!

MC Photo by Katherine Curry
Kids’ College is not possible without the help of many, many people

From Brenda Cordero
Associate Director, Community Programs Continuing Education

Today at 5:00 ends another great year of Kids’ College! As I’ve said before, Kids’ College is not possible without the help of many, many people, so please indulge me as I thank everyone.

I would like to thank my office staff, Ashley Garrett and Ellie Drake, who have helped me above and beyond every day. We also say goodbye to Ellie as she leaves us to move to Denver. The Kids’ College Coordinators, Brigette Thoma (also the amazing supply shopper) and new this year, Kim Bellows. Kids’ College would not run without them.

Thank you to Maintenance/Grounds because they do it all for us. From putting up tents, to putting out signs, setting out trash cans to turning on water (for Wild & Crazy Kids). New to this list was helping us with our new 36” fans that we received from a donation from the James A. “Buddy” Davidson Charitable Foundation. Kids’ College simply cannot do this without their assistance at every turn!

Thank you to the Midland College Police Department for helping us at carpool and for training our traffic guys on what is needed for a smooth carpool. Your constant presence there and handling the incoming traffic is what makes it work so well. I also thank you for offering two classes of Biking with Cops! The kids love it and I want it back every year!

To our awesome bus drivers, Dale Beikirch and Stan Jacobs, that drive from the Midland Community Theatre to the Jack Brown Dining hall. To Natasha Enriquez for driving the students from the Sibley Nature Center to the Jack Brown Dining hall. To Dale, thank you for always understanding the craziness that is Kids’ College and for always supporting me. That support means more than you know.

Thank you Human Resources/Payroll, Accounting, IT, Chap Center, Great Western Dining for ALL of your assistance and for all you do for Kids’ College!

Thank you to the instructors! Thank you for bringing your special talents to our summer enrichment program!

Thank you to the Runners! You work in the scorching heat and the Coordinators and I thank you! I know it may seem like a thankless job sometimes but we could not take care of 550+ kids without you! You get yelled at by parents just for doing your job, or sometimes worse but I thank you all for rolling with the punches! This has been an awesome year for Runners and I hope you will be back next year.

Thank you to our partners at Midland Community Theatre, COM Aquatics, Inc. and Sibley Nature Center! I appreciate our partnership and working with each of you and look forward to next year.

Finally to everyone at Midland College, THANK YOU! For your patience, understanding and support! Midland College is the best!

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