Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Midland College wins “Innovations Award”

• ZogoTech awards $2,000 to Support Our Students scholarship fund

By Rebecca Bell
Dean of Community Relations & Special Events

Midland College (MC) is proud to receive 2nd place in the “Innovations Award” from ZogoTech, a comprehensive student tracking and intervention software company. ZogoTech presented a $2,000 check to the Midland College Foundation designated for the college’s Support our Students (SOS) emergency scholarship fund.

“We were thrilled when ZogoTech representatives notified us of the award,” said Dean of Enrollment Management Liz Zenteno. “We use ZogoTech to retrieve, on-demand, a complete picture of student performance, which allows MC advisors and faculty to react while there’s still time and intervene when it matters most. The software allows us access to information on enrollment, financial aid and academic history, and then we are able to identify students who may be struggling. Advisors, faculty and other key staff contact students to see how we can assist them. The software enables us to share student contact notes with one another. Since we have been using ZogoTech services, we have been able to lower our attrition rates and improve student success in our classes.”

Zenteno stated that MC officials decided to use the $2,000 award in a way that will benefit students who may be struggling in classes. Last year, the college established the SOS scholarship, which provides emergency funds to students for food, housing assistance, car allowance, etc. Often when college staff identify students who are struggling with classes, the reason is because of a lack of basic needs for themselves and/or their families. Through the college’s SOS program, college counselors award emergency funds to students and coordinate assistance with other community programs.

“By using the ZogoTech software and being able to access SOS funds for emergency student needs, we are able to connect with students on a deeper level,” explained Zenteno. “We have found that we are more responsive to students. It’s difficult for someone to concentrate in class when she or he is hungry or worried about how to afford dinner for the family’s evening meal. ZogoTech helps to identify those students who are having difficulties, and the SOS funds help to alleviate the immediate problem. It’s a great example of using technology to identify a problem and then human interaction to solve it.”

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